Personalised Childs Silver Identity Bracelet

Personalised Childs Silver Identity Bracelet


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Children silver heart identity bracelet. Personalised with your childs name. Ideal for bridesmaids, flower girls or for any other occasion.

10 in stock


Childs silver identity bracelet

Childs silver identity bracelet with curbed chain.  A beautiful gift for any young girl.

Elegance and style oozes out of this childs bracelet, enhanced with a small heart shape cut out on the right hand side.
Adjacent to the heart is room to have this silver children’s identity bracelet personalised with a name or date. With this in mind, watch her face light up when she finds her bracelet personalised with her details.


Point often overlooked when purchasing products such as this is, not only is it a gift for today but a memorable keepsake to look back on in adult years.

Handed down to the next generation will transform this simple childrens silver heart bracelet into a family treasure.



Just about perfect for any occasion.

A popular choice for christening gifts, new born or just a gift. Generally speaking, any event that gives you the opportunity to surprise that little with this childs bracelet, should be grabbed with both hands.


Personalise this childs silver identity bracelet with her name or date of a special occasion.

First thing to remember when choosing the words for personalisation,
is the small area available. With this in mind, please try and keep the characters to a maximum of 10.
In view of how beautiful this childrens silver heart identity bracelet is, we use a diamond tip for engraving.
This allows us to personalise with fine detail adding even more to the elegance and charm.
Another key point about this childrens silver identity bracelet is that we will personalse it free of charge, making your gift even more special.
The good news doesn’t stop there either, this childrens silver bracelet even comes in its own little gift box.
We are very pleased to be able to offer you this product as we know you would not be disappointed.
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