Penguin Pebble Frame

Penguin Pebble Frame


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997 in stock

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The penguin pebble is tradition which stems from the Adelie penguins, who it turns out, are quite the romancers.

They would gather on the beaches in their masses, in search for the perfect pebble to present to their partner. Many know of this as a ‘Penguin Proposal’.

The reason why this is known as a ‘proposal’ is due to the fact that many penguins will only ever have one partner – meaning they ‘Marry’ for life.

Our penguin pebble box frames are our newest addition to our penguin pebble range and can be easily displayed around the home by hanging them on walls or standing them on beside cabinets.

To ensure that you have the perfect penguin pebble, you can personalise it with any names, dates or even a short message. All for FREE!

Upon shipping, the pebble may not be inside the frame and can sometimes be sent separate in the packing box. The pebbles are not clued into the frame – they sit nicely when rested in the corner. The pebble is sometimes removed from the box upon shipping to avoid any breakages to the glass of the frame.

The perfect penguin gift.

Please note – this is a default font for our penguin frames. Upon special request, the font for the pebble can be changed, however, this is the default font for our Frames. (Only the pebble font can be changed upon special request – the frame insert can not).

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