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Capture The Moment

Posted by admin 30/10/2016 0 Comment(s)

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Now, the Grandparents are going to love this....

This Christmas, why not transform one of your child's drawings or hand written messages into a gift that will be cherished for a lifetime? And no, I'm not talking about sticking a drawing onto a fridge or turning it into a magnet (even though my parents love magnets - why, I don't know!?). Anyway, I've found something much better.

So recently, I was doing some online shopping (as us Mums do! Shhh, don't tell the hubby) and this is when I stumbled across, what I thought was a brilliant idea and a truly beautiful gift! Don't worry, they're surprisingly reasonably priced too! 

Right, stopping the waffling let me just get to the point.

So basically, what this company do is they take a copy or photo of your child's drawing or own handwritten message and then they engrave onto one of their products. Now, I know it doesn't sound anything that special - but you need to see how cute it looks - it is ADORABLE. I'm just so glad I've came across this site - and I need to share it with you all! 

I've now got 4 Children, one of 5, 6, 9,  and 12 (and no more - believe me!). Now the older ones have got to the age they are, it's made me realise how quickly they grow up and how you almost seem to forget the times that they were so small, sweet and innocent! You almost just take it for granted. I just feel that these gifts really help you capture those moments - and take you back to the times where their writing was just a scribble and their drawings were almost unrecognisable ("look mummy, I've drawn a Giraffe" - "Oh, that's what it is!"). You know what I mean...

Rather than just a piece of paper stuck to the fridge that will just get dirty, ruined, or misplaced over the years, you can have it engraved onto something that will not only last a lifetime, but something that you can decorate your home with!

I need to say no more - you just have to check it out for yourself! I've attached all of their contact details below.

Snobs Gifts

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