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Romantic Proposal Ideas - My Top 5

Posted by admin 28/03/2016 0 Comment(s)


When you finally decide to 'pop' the big question- you'll feel the pressure alright! One of the biggest dilemma's isn't just whether they'll say yes, but how exactly you're going to ask them- and that's the one that trips most people up.

It can be difficult finding the perfect way to ask your partner that all important question and you're going to want to get it right. My aim is to give you a little inspiration with my personal top 5 proposal ideas...

Here we go:

  1. Something personal

Your proposal shouldn't be about how fancy it is or how much you spend on it. Your proposal should be something that means a lot to you and your partner. You'll be surprised how much more they'll appreciate the thought that you've put in to it, rather than how much money you threw at it. My advice would be to take them to a place that means a lot to both of you- it could be the place you first met or the place where you shared your first kiss- it's almost certain to go down a treat.


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2.  The Penguin Proposal

Now this is one of my favourites- it may sound a bit mad at the moment- but this is just too cute, so let me explain! As you've probably guessed, it's all about penguins! When the penguin mating season arises the male penguins will march along the beaches until they find the 'perfect' pebble to give to their partner as a sign of love and attraction. Sounds pretty cute right? Penguins also mate for life and will only ever have one partner, which they will dedicate all their love to- hence why this presentation of the pebble is known as 'penguin proposal'. Now I know you're probably thinking 'there's no way I'm just going to give her a pebble'. Worry not! I've found the perfect penguin pebble proposal which you can actually purchase here.

Penguin Pebble

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3. Aquarium proposal:

Again might sound a bit strange- but it's a different idea that's almost sure to get a 'yes'. This one you may have to plan in advance for. All you'll have to do is contact your chosen aquarium, and explain to them that you'd like to pop the big question and see if you can arrange for a diver to 'appear' into one of the tanks- bearing the all important message 'will you marry me?'. Of course it's at this point you'll get down on one knee with the ring in your hands and eagerly await their response (they're guaranteed to love this one).

Proposal Ideas

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4.  Family Photo Shoot

If you're both family orientated then this one is definitely you and it's almost certain to catch her by surprise! Now, you can either hire a professional photographer or you can just get someone to take the photo's for you. You'll need to invite the family around for the photo shoot and you'll have to designate them with either their own t-shirt or a sign that they can hold up- each one bearing one of the letters of 'will you marry me'. You won't want them to be wearing the t-shirts or holding the signs when they arrive because it will spoil the fun, so pre-planning is key.

Begin to take photo's as you normally would at a family photo shoot and as you begin to get further into the shoot ensure everyone is in order, getting them to hold up their sign or remove their jacket. Of course your partner should be oblivious to this, so when you both go up to the photographer to check the picture they've just taken, prepare to take to one knee...


5. Visit a romantic city or landmark.

If you're in a position to be able to whisk your partner off to a romantic destination- whether it's a holiday that you've both paid for or your treat- this proposal is for you. Now that being said, it doesn't have to be a trip abroad. You can just visit a romantic landmark in your own city/country; take the London Eye for example.

Scenery has everything to do with this proposal. Whether its a sunny back drop or a cities bright lights- you're going to want to make sure you time your proposals right and have everything planned before hand. Feel free to add some small finishing touches too- it could be flowers, a live band or a bottle/glass of champagne to celebrate.

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If you have a unique proposal idea of your own add it in the comments sections below- you could be helping someone find the 'perfect' proposal.

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