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Personalised Mothersday Gifts

Posted by admin 04/03/2015 0 Comment(s)

Marriage is a lifetime contract shared between two people to show their devotion. People dream of how they would like their special wedding day to be, big dresses, lavish cars, the reception, the honeymoon and not forgetting your guests. Reality soon sets in and you realise there is so much to arrange.

So the venue is now booked and the guest list is perfected and you have decided 150 guests are invited. You then realise that if you invite Uncle John then Joyce has to come and if you invite Kelly then Paul has to come. After rewriting your guest list 4 times your 150 guest has soon doubled and you start to panic.

After much determination everything is booked the venue, the cars, the dresses, the rings, the flowers, the honeymoon and the reception. It doesn't take long till it soon becomes apparent that your perfect venue you have booked does not cater for anymore than 150 guests. So its back to square one trying to find the perfect venue, but surely nothing else would need to be arranged??

Everything is starting to fall into place for you to have your perfect wedding day and everything is booked. Its not long before you realise you have forgotten something which you feel is very important... gifts for those special guests, i.e bridesmaids, best man, ushers, mother and father of the bride and mother and father of the groom. As a gift of your appreciation you want to be able to give them the ultimate unique gift. You begin with 2 bridesmaids but then becomes 4, 1 best man then becomes 2 and before you know it you have a long list of guests you want to say thank you to. As they are guests that helped make your day special you want to be able to buy them something they would appreciate and treasure forever something that reminds them of your special day and not something that would be put away in a drawer and forget about.

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