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Engraved Pebbles

Posted by admin 06/01/2015 0 Comment(s)

With Valentine’s Day edging ever closer it seems that ‘Engraved Pebbles’ is a rather fitting topic to discuss. I know most of you will be questioning as to why exactly? But don’t worry, I’ll get to that.


Statistics show that nearly 50% of people will receive some kind of sweet goods for Valentine’s Day (normally chocolates) and that 73% of men will buy flowers for their partners. Now, I’d like to speak on the behalf of the men when I say can’t we be a little bit more imaginative? Statistic’s show that a lot of people are doing the exact same thing, making us all rather ordinary and ‘the same’. Let’s think a little more outside the box this year and stand out from the rest! To all of the ladies reading, this doesn’t just apply to all of my male friends… it’s you too.

Now look, I don’t plan to lecture you through my blog but I’d like to help. Educate.

When doing some research myself. I came across an article in which I found a little secret I didn’t know about penguins. At this moment in time, I know I probably sound quite crazy but let explain.

The Story of the Penguins

When the mating season arises penguins gather on the beaches in their masses with a pebble in their possession. When they find the right partner they will present his/her pebble to symbolise their attraction.

This year I think my choice of gift beats all the rest. Look, I’ve brought bigger and more expensive gifts but Valentine’s Day isn’t about that, it’s about symbolising love. And I've brought a present to do just that- personally engraved pebbles. I didn't just go and buy any old ordinary pebbles; I went all out and got ones which were personalised. I spread my message over a few pebbles, the first reading: 'Did you know penguins give each other pebbles to symbolise love?' You know, to start off my message- to explain my present- 'break the ice'. And as for the remaining pebbles... Well, you'll have to use your own imagination for that. You're not stealing all of my thunder... Be your own penguin!

The last bit of help you need is here: 

Penguins, you know what to do. Crack on.

I hope this has helped you all in searching for your valentines gifts!

Jay- a rather hopeless romantic.

p.s. feel free to add your own comments and ask any questions.

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