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Choosing The Perfect Photo

Posted by admin 24/04/2016 0 Comment(s)


At Snobs Gifts, we offer you the chance to personalise many of our gifts by having one of your favourite photo's engraved. When choosing your favourite photo, there's a few things that you should bear in mind. 

To help you choose the perfect photo, I've listed the top 5 things to look out for:

1. Dark Shadows

When choosing your photo, we advise you to try and ensure there are no dark shadows present, especially across the subjects face(s). All of our photo engraved gifts look best when we can focus on key features such as eyes and other facial feature. Darkness in photos can mean that these features are not as clear or sharp and can sometimes get lost when engraving. We do brighten up these dark areas in photographs with our advanced editing tools, but we do like to stress to our customers that the better and clearer the original image, the better the end result will be.

Top tip: ensure subjects faces are bright and appear clear in photographs.

2. Blurred Images

Blurred images mean that key features in photographs, which we rely on in engraving, are not clear and present. We can still engrave these images upon customers requests, however, engraving results may not be as clear as images displayed on our website. Therefore, we ask you to ensure that images are in clear focus (primarily on subject key facial features).

Top Tip: all images should be clear in focus.

3. Resolution.

Now, this may sound a bit technical, but don't panic it's much more simple than you think. Images should be clear and NOT pixelated. We can still engrave images of a lower resolution (less clearer images), however, images of a higher resolution will always engrave to a higher quality. Many images taken from camera phones are normally fine to engrave, but to check your images you can upload them to your own computer/laptop beforehand and if they still appear clear, then they're fine to be engraved! However, if the image is pixelated on the larger screen- it can still be engraved- but to get the best possible result choose a photo which appears clearer on a bigger screen!

Top tip: images with a higher resolution engrave the best!

4. Close-up images.

The subject(s) should be in the forefront of the photo, opposed to featuring in the back of the photograph. A picture of you shoulders deep, far out sea may be a great holiday snap-but it isn't great for engraving! In close up images we'll be able to focus on clear facial features which result in a better photo engraved gift.

Top tip: The subject(s) should be in the forefront of the image.

5. Original photos

We'd recommend that all customers upload original photographs, in their original state, with out any filters. Although they may look great when you upload your photo to Instagram, with one of their cool filters, we kindly ask that photo's remain in original state - so we can optimise them for engraving. We can still engrave them once a filter have been added, although we recommend without.

Top tip: use original photos without any edits/ filters.

Now there's our top five tips in choosing the perfect photo! If you require any other assistance or have any questions regarding our photo engraving send us an email to or send us a message or our Facebook page!

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